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Philosophy of Education


       I believe that education plays the most vital role in our childrens’ lives concerning their learning, socialization, and becoming successful citizens in our democratic society.  Art plays a huge role in education.  Art offers children a chance to think critically, think independently, and think creatively.  My largest challenge as an educator is to make learning creative, intriguing, engaging, and relevant.  These issues face all educators because we must meet the needs of each of our individual students.  Understanding the needs of each of my students helps me to develop a relationship of respect with them, which in turn helps me to be a successful leader and facilitator of learning.  My classroom is a fun, yet an intellectual environment, where my students are active learners and independent thinkers.  If students can actively learn to think for themselves, they can begin to take ownership of their education and their lives.  This ownership and independent thinking fulfills education’s role of teaching responsibility to the students.   

          Art education also serves an important role as a way of communicating ideas in a multicultural society.  Art is a great way to include students from all backgrounds and to make all students aware of our diverse heritage.  Furthermore, art promotes an opportunity for interdisciplinary learning.  It is essential to address the multitude of learning styles and to teach each student according to their individual learning style. 

          Through art, I can help students to be creative by promoting self-expression.  Not many areas of education allow students to freely express themselves in this manner.  I feel that I can challenge my students by making art a real class that has the same merit as Math, Science, and English.  I intend to include competency testing covering studied vocabulary and skill mastery.  I also believe that in an art program, studio time is essential in gaining a multifaceted view of art, and it helps students to understand different media as well as giving them an appreciation of art and its tremendous history. 

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