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Monochromatic Still Life Lesson Plan


Unit 2: Elements of Art: Color

Day 2: Lesson 2: Value with color/Monochromatic color scheme



  • Students will learn about value in regard to color.
  • Students will gain an understanding of how to make tints and shades of a color.
  • Students will also explore the monochromatic color scheme by creating a value chart of one color.
  • Students will view a PowerPoint that show images of monochromatic works where the artist only used tints and shades of one color.
  • Students will learn about still-lifes by viewing a PowerPoint that shows still-lifes painted by famous artists such as Paul Cezanne.
  • Students will gain an appreciation for the work of Paul Cezanne and will learn a little about the post-impressionist movement.
  • Students will draw a still life using the monochromatic color scheme.


  • Value- lightness or darkness of a hue
  • Tint- adding white to a color to make it lighter
  • Shade- adding black to a color to make it darker
  • Monochromatic color scheme- using different values of the same hue
  • Still life- Painting or drawings of inanimate (non-moving) objects
  • Paul Cezanne- a French post-impressionist artist that created many still-lifes from 1839-1906

Key Questions:

  • What does monochromatic mean?
  • How do you create a tint?
  • How do you create a shade?
  • Who was Paul Cezanne?
  • What was Paul Cezanne famous for painting?
  • What is a still life?
  • What is value?


  • Value Scale worksheet
  • Colored Pencils- all colors plus white and black
  • Paul Cezanne images
  • Teacher example of monochromatic still life
  • Still life set up
  • Pencils
  • PowerPoint on Monochromatic color scheme, still lifes, and Paul Cezanne



  • DAY 1: Teacher will present a PowerPoint on Monochromatic color scheme
  • Teacher will distribute blank value chart so that students can create their own color value chart.
  • Students will pick two different colored pencils as well as a black pencil and a white pencil.
  • Students will create 2 color value scales on the handout starting with true color in the center diamond then moving to the left adding white (or lighting up on the colored pencil) and then move right to the darkest value of the hue.
  • Teacher may work with students while they are completing charts.
  • Teacher will take up finished charts at the end of the class period.
  • DAY 2-4: Teacher will present the PowerPoint on still lifes and Paul Cezanne. 
  • Teacher will review monochromatic color scheme.
  • Teacher will show and example of a monochromatic still life.
  • Students will choose one colored pencil along with a black colored pencil and a white colored pencil.
  • Students will first sketch the still life with a regular pencil on a piece on a sheet of drawing paper.
  • Next the students will create value in the still life using the monochromatic color scheme.

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